{14 days is OLD in the CCM!}

That’s right, I’m quite the oldie here in the CCM now. Haha!
This week has been great! I still am learning a lot. Hermana Young and I are teaching two more investigators now, Benjamin y Reinaldo! We’re getting a lot better at working together and listening to the spirit as we teach. It’s amazing the progress we have made; and yet, there is still so far to go!
My fantastic district! (the first district in my zone to have more sisters than elders!)

My fantastic district! (the first district in my zone to have more sisters than elders!)

Last week I totally forgot to tell you that we went to the temple!! It was amazing. 🙂 The grounds are absolutely gorgeous – it’s like mini paradise in the middle of a crazy city – and the session was so uplifting. I listened in Spanish and I was surprised to realize that I understood nearly everything they said!! It was amazing! Heavenly Father truly is blessing me to understand Spanish through the spirit. I can understand Spanish much more easily than I can speak it, but even that is coming along. I have learned this week how important prayer is in this process. When I earnestly pray and ask Him to help me learn and to bless me with the gift of tongues, and then work really hard to qualify for His aid, He gives it!! He really does!! He’s just waiting for me to ask, seek, and knock. And He truly has opened it unto me. 🙂
A little more about my awesome compañera, Hermana Young! Mom, did you know her mom is named Debbie too? Haha we really are just so similar! She is awesome and full of energy and assertive and spunky! We have a lot of fun together. 🙂
Hermana Young and I

Hermana Young and I

We got filmed by some guy from PBS while comiendo en el comdedor hoy!! It was a little embarrassing because I was awkwardly stuffing a fajita\taco thing in my face when I realized that…. but he was really friendly! He also filmed us a little as we were walking outside, talking to a guy from Salt Lake. Hna. Young and I might be on TV!


I gave a talk in Spanish on Sunday! You know how, as missionaries, we are required to prepare a 5 minute talk on an assigned topic? Well, I was chosen! Our topic was the Restoration of the Church. While studying it, I felt impressed to focus my remarks on obedience (basing that off of how people lose the blessing of the Church through disobedience and how Heavenly Father’s love is manifest when He calls prophets to lead and guide us so that He can bless us) since that is so crucial in every missionary’s life. It went really well! I felt strongly about the things I said, and the Spanish wasn’t really a problem. I had to say a few things in English, but I felt really good about what I shared. 🙂
There’s all kinds of crazy partying going on outside right now! Lots of gunshots and fireworks and.. cannons? Apparently it’s the world cup for futbol today. Haha! I love it! Hispanic people are so full of energy!
The CCM is great! This week I have especially learned how it is so crucial for all of us to perform works of faith in our lives so that Heavenly Father can bless us. No matter how much faith we have in Christ, it will avail us nothing unless we act on that. “Faith without works is dead.” Some of the ways we as missionaries do that is pray for very specific things, set specific goals, and challenge ourselves to do better while relying on the merits of the Savior. I have been learning how vital this is for investigators. That’s why commitments are so important!  As they keep their commitments, they have personal, spiritual experiences and their faith in Christ grows. They come to know that they need to repent, and that by so doing, they can feel clean and happy! They will develop a greater desire to follow Christ, and will be more enabled to endure to the end. Ah!!! This gospel is so simple and beautiful; I love it! I really hope that I can share even a small part of the things I am learning with you! There is really so much, and so much that has to be learned personally, that I don’t know how much I’ll really be able to share. The more I am here, though, the more I really want everyone who has the chance to serve a mission and experience this. It is amazing. I know that it will bless your life and that you will learn more things about yourself and your savior than you ever knew!!

3 of the sisters in my district

3 of the 7 sisters in my district

I love you all very much. 🙂 Thank you for everything you do! Tenga un buen semana!!
Hermana Sutherland

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