Less than a week left on Mexican MTC soil!

Hey there!

 Haha I love the Spanish! Keep it up! 😉 And, as always, I love hearing updates from home!

The audition went well! There wasn’t a lot of stress, because they try to get everyone in that wants to perform. We are singing and playing the Spanish version of “Savior, Redeemer of My Soul” this Sunday before the MTC Presidency devotional. Everyone will be there! Ahhh! I should also mention that this song is incredibly high – it reaches a high G several times per verse! It is probably the highest I have EVER sung in my life… I’ve always been an alto! Oh, and one more thing. This song is way different in Spanish; the lyrics are all about baptism and it is BEAUTIFUL. I wish I had the time to type them out and translate them for you guys; it really is profound. 🙂

Sin embargo, we had a fantastic Thanksgiving lunch last Thursday!!! It was a feast! They had all the regular American Thanksgiving foods and it was DELICIOUS – oh the people that work here en el comedor are so precious. 🙂 They work so hard to provide good food for us!

I got to go to the temple again and it was absolutely precious. 🙂 It was absolutely amazing to see how much more I understood! Last time I knew what was going on, but this time I really was able to understand most of the words and why things were said a certain way! Yay! Also, it is so cute how they’re decorating it. It’s like the Temple Square in Salt Lake City but with palm trees and poinsettias EVERYWHERE! SO many Christmas lights! Oh it is gorgeous. I will try to send pictures soon. 🙂

I don’t think I’ve told you about my awesome teachers, Hermano Muñoz and Hermano Galicia. Well, they’re awesome!! I love them to death – they are such great examples and I learn so much from them! We have a little joke in our district that Hno. Muñoz is a latter-day Captain Moroni, and since he just got back from his mission about a year ago, the guys are always trying to set him up with other teachers here…which isn’t entirely appropriate, but it’s pretty funny! My other teacher, Hno. Galicia, got married literally two days before we got here. He measures how long we’ve been here by his anniversary, and he’s so cute about his wife! Haha that’s not much about them, really… I hope to be able to tell more when I get home!
Oh! The reason why I was telling you about my teachers was because Muñoz played in a futbol match today and we watched him for about half an hour! It was really fun, and he’s really good! Futbol is so fun here in Mexico. 🙂
One lesson I’ve have learned this week more than ever is that the spirit is so necessary in this work. I love it!! I know that I can’t do it myself – I rely on it so much. I think this has been a matter of time and pride for me; it has taken me this long to REALLY understand how useless I am without it! I know that when I do everything I can to prepare and work hard and be obedient, I can have complete faith that Heavenly Father will give me a portion of His spirit to help me help His children. I KNOW the power of the spirit is real!
Not much time left, so here’s the thought that I want to leave with you! Make a goal to have at least one spiritual experience EVERY DAY. It is possible! You can do this by just taking ten minutes to read your scriptures alone every morning and finding a scripture that really sticks out; one that you can treasure for the day. I PROMISE that your day will go so much better; you’ll feel happier, and you’ll have a greater desire to serve others. I know this because I have felt it!
Hermana Sutherland 🙂

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