iFeliz Navidad!

Hola todos!

Feliz Navidad from Hermana Soloman y Hermana Sutherland

iFeliz Navidad! Hermana Soloman y Hermana Sutherland

Este semana fue mas mejor. !Estoy disfrutando mi mision mucho!
As always, there isn’t much time to write, but I will do my best to get everything in!
President Arbizo talked with the Cluff family, and we think we’re related! What color is the Cluff family book that we have? The man he talked with said the one they have is blue. šŸ™‚ šŸ™‚
We have a new investigator!! She’s 17 and awesome; and SO ready to hear the gospel. She has had a tough, tough life and I am so excited to see how the gospel is going to bless her. She finally is going to find the peace and happiness and love that she’s been searching for. She already has a baptismal date!!!! I am so pumped!!!
We’ve been bell ringing a lot, and because we sing Christmas carols the whole time, we make a TON of money! The other day we were there for two hours and made $307. The people here are so generous. šŸ™‚
I played the violin in church yesterday for the Christmas program! It was really fun! It was so good to pick up and play an instrument again. Heavenly Father definitely blessed me to sight read treble clef, too, since I am usually horrible at it. It turned out great and the branch members loved it. šŸ™‚
The people here are SO kind to us! Someone had their little girl some up to us in the store last wee; they gave us $20 each for groceries. Someone else paid for us when we got frozen yogurt once. Several member of the branch have given us Christmas presents and chocolates; the Arbizos have invited us over to make gingerbread houses and to come hang out Christmas morning. They even have stockings hung up for us already! I love serving here. The people are just SO kind to us! Entonces, tengo mas reson para trabajar duro y con fuerza y diligencia. Estoy trandando ser la misionera mejor que puedo.
Well, I need to go! I love you all and hope you have the BEST Christmas ever!! I challenge you to make this the best Christmas yet by taking extra time to reflect on the things that Christ has done for you, and the things that Heavenly Father has done for you. Sit down sometime and write them out. Be creative! There are so many things that we don’t really think of that Heavenly Father has done for us; they’re little treasures just waiting to be recognized. I promise that as you do this, you will feel the love of Christ more abundantly in your life and your desire to become more like Him and serve others will grow. šŸ™‚
I love you! !Tengan un buen – no, discuplame – lo mejor Navidad!
Hermana Sutherland

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