Transfer Week!



 Como siempre, no tengo mucho tiempo hoy. 
Like always, I don’t have much time today.
We had a great week. It is exciting to see the changes that are happening, especially with inactive and less active members. I love it! We also had transfers this week, and fortunately, Hermana Solomon and I are still together. I’m excited for another transfer together, because I feel like we’re going to be able to accomplish a lot. 🙂
We had some pretty amazing miracles this week! It has been really special to see how the spirit is guiding us in a real way to say and do certain things. It’s amazing! In one instance, we were able to be in the right place at the right time this week to encounter the son of one of our investigators and talk with him about coming back to church. It was pretty special for us to know that we had been guided there at that time and that the Spirit was working on him, helping him find the anchor that he’s searching for in his life with the gospel. Another time we had to go in to the dealer and get the car fixed because the engine light was on. We went out walking while we waited, but everyone we saw veered off the road or walked into a building. We ended up going back without having been able to talk to anyone. When we got there, there was an Eastern Orthodox Priest Rabbi Monk (yes, that’s right – he literally had about seven titles, and I can’t even remember them all!) sitting there. We had a really interesting conversation with him; he’d never seen sister missionaries before, and it turns out that there’s a monastery here in Safford. He was very friendly and open. We talked to him about what he believed (he was, quote, “unconvertable,”) and what we believe right there in the office. It turns out that the man behind the counter had been inactive for a long time, too. Then, as it turns out, they found no problems with the car, and the light had turned off. We just needed to be there in that office that day, it turns out. 🙂 
I love the people here. The members are so kind, so good, so generous; just last night someone paid for our dinner when we stopped by Subway for a quick meal! I’m having a great time here – the best and hardest time of my life. I love being a missionary! I love you all!
Con amor,
Hermana Sutherland
Ether 12:4

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