It’s the week of LOVE. |Missionary style.|

Hola carinos,

I can’t believe that another week has already passed! The days really do feel like weeks, and the weeks like days. 🙂
There were some pretty cool things that happened this week. First of all, we found a new investigator! He is the father of one of the recent converts in the Branch. It has been amazing to see how the Lord has orchestrated our visits; we had a rough time catching him at home and getting someone to come with us since we can’t go into his house alone. However, this week, we managed to catch him at home with his sister and were able to have a really meaningful lesson with him! Heavenly Father has been preparing both him and his sister to receive the gospel (she just doesn’t know it yet). 🙂
We’ve been privileged to see again this week how the Lord places people in our path and directs us in what we should do. It’s pretty special. For example, we were able to help two Catholic women change their flat tire yesterday along the side of the highway; they were very amiable and gracious, and we know that Heavenly Father placed us in the right spot to meet them. I love little moments like that where we are simply the Lord’s hands planting a seed. As the Lord’s servants, we’ve been called to serve in every capacity in His fields, not just harvesting. The most satisfying feeling is that of the peace and satisfaction that comes when Heavenly Father lets you know that He is pleased with your efforts. 🙂
This week we are really focusing on finding people because we want to have more investigators to teach. And so, I’m going to ask for your help. 🙂 Who do you know who lives in the Arizona Tucson Mission who would be willing to have the missionaries come and share a message about the gospel? If a name comes to your mind, please send me an email back and I will have two amazing missionaries go visit them. In addition, please post this invitation on Facebook or Instagram or any other social networking site that you’d like. I know that there are people out there struggling who need and want the gospel. The Lord is preparing them, and it is our privilege to help bring that light to those that are living in the dark. Please help us in our efforts to find them!
Gracias por todo lo que hacen. Mucho amor!
Hermana Sutherland

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