Miracle at the Post Office


Bueno, esta semana fue maravillosa! Tuvimos muchos dificultades, pero los milagros y las cosas buenas que han pasado los superan. Me encanta esta obra mas cada semana.
It is getting really hot here! It’s only about 80 something degrees, but it feels so much hotter; the sun here is intense. I’m already getting tan and it’s only February!
We had a little guest in our apartment this week. It was lunch time, and we were just about to sit down on the couch when we spotted a little lizard there! Hermana Solomon took some pictures of it, and I tried to lean in close so that I could be in the picture too, but it was a little too much like Parent Trap all over again… so I didn’t get a picture with it. But I did manage to de-tail it when we tried to catch it! We weren’t sure where it was, so for a while it was just assumed that we would avoid that area of the room. Haha! We finally did find it and get rid of the lizard, so we are again pet-free. It was fun!
We had something really amazing happen this week. We’ve been praying for new investigators because we really want to increase our teaching pool. I’ve also been trying to work on talking with everyone, because opening your mouth is pretty awkward sometimes! However, I made it a goal to talk with three people on Thursday that Heavenly Father would place in my path. Well, Hermana Solomon and I were able to talk with three people that day and invite them to learn more! Some of them were pretty awkward, because, as a good trainer, she made me do it, but one of them was a miracle. We saw Isidro at the Post Office; he speaks Spanish (which is a miracle in and of itself) and is going through a hard time in his life. We gave him a Book of Mormon and our contact information. Later in the day, when we were trying to contact a referral, we noticed a man sitting outside of one of the neighboring trailers. The family wasn’t home, and the man came over to tell us. It was Isidro! We were able to talk to him about his brother that had passed away three months ago and leave him with a pamphlet about the Plan of Salvation and a return date. If we hadn’t talked with him at the Post Office, we wouldn’t have had that connection. He really needs the gospel in his life right now, and Heavenly Father knows that. How beautiful His plan is! I love being a missionary more and more each day. 🙂
Thank you for all the help you give missionaries in your home ward. We couldn’t do it without you. 🙂
Con amor,
Hermana Sutherland

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