Arizona Spring is Here.

Saludos, familia! 

Lots of things happened this week. For one, we had Zone Conference with President Killpack and his wife this week. I just love them! We received excellent training from them, the Assistants, and the Zone Leaders. It was simply fantastic. Hermana Blackford and I performed a medley of “Abide With Me, ‘Tis Eventide” and “Be Still My Soul” that one of the Elders arranged. It’s a beautiful song, and we enjoyed singing it. 
Since we’re trying hard to find new people to teach, we decided to try something new this week! We borrowed bikes from our Zone Leaders for a day and went out to “Mini Mexico” in Pima (which has been nicknamed Mini Mexico for the primitive roads and legions of chijuajuas). It was hard work, but really fun! We were out there trying to find some former investigators when we met a woman who’d recently lost her husband. We were able to share the Plan of Salvation with her; it was a sweet experience.
This morning I was reflecting on how lucky I am to have a fresh start every day. Sometimes things get crazy and I wake up in the morning feeling like, “I have to do that all over again today? How am I going to make it?” But, really, I have found that it is such a privilege to be able to start again and try our very best all over again every single day. It reminds me of the quote by Elder Scott, “You become what you want to be by consistently being what you want to become.” This life isn’t easy, but Heavenly Father loves us so much that He gives us a new chance every day, and every week as we take the Sacrament, to become the person He wants us to be. I know that we can! Never give up, and keep pushing onward. You’ll never be pushing alone. 🙂
Que tengan una semana maravillosa,
Hermana Sutherland
Alma 32:22

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