Me encanta la Conferencia General!

Hola, familia!

Wasn’t General Conference just great? I absolutely loved it. And no, I haven’t been assaulted or covered with someone else’s dinner, in case you were wondering! 🙂 I was reading through all my notes this morning, trying to decide what my favorite thing was that I could share with you, and I had a hard time trying to decide. I wish I had the time to talk all about it!
Our week was a little weird this time around. We’ve been seeing a lot of progression in our area; we’re teaching so many more lessons than we used to and have just been doing really well overall. This week I was a little sick for a few days (don’t worry Mom, Hermana Blackford took great care of me 🙂 ), and we had General Conference, so we weren’t able to do as much teaching as normal, but Heavenly Father still opened the windows of heaven on us. We found seven new investigators this week. Seven! It’s usually a fair challenge to find three in a week. We’re not really sure how we’re going to keep up with all of our investigators now that we have so many. We don’t have enough room for all the blessings we’re receiving! Since transfers are coming up this week, we’re hoping that President Killpack will split our area (for the Spanish Branch) and put another set of Elders here. They used to have two sets of missionaries here about a year ago, it turns out. We’ll see what happens!
Also concerning transfers, I might be leaving this week! We’ll know Sunday night what is going to happen. I’ve been here for three transfers now, and since this is my first area, I’m likely to leave. However, if President Killpack decides to split the area and add sisters, it’s likely that I’ll stay. I have no idea what will happen, but I’m excited no matter what!
Now on to Conference. I’ve been thinking a lot about what several speakers said about carrying Christ’s cross. I love the metaphor that creates. In this life, in order to truly follow Christ, we have to be willing to follow Him even through culmination of persecution and trial. His cross represents the burdens and duties He carried, and therefore, the burdens and duties we take upon ourselves as His disciples. Nonetheless, Christ wouldn’t ask us to do something so demanding without reason. He understood perfectly His mission and the plan of His Father. He “press[ed] forward… having a perfect brightness of hope, and a love of God and of all men.” With the knowledge that we have, we realize that the cross is not actually a burden. It is something that brings us joy now and in the world to come. As Elder Rasband said, we are to “take up the joyful burden of discipleship”; and as Sister Stevens told us, we can and want to do that because “the gospel is not weight; it’s wings!”
Well, I need to go now, but have a wonderul week!
Con amor,
Hermana Sutherland
2 Nephi 9:18
PS here’s my letter to President Killpack. I write him in Spanish. 🙂
Hola, Presidente!

Tuvimos una buena semana. Como ya sabe, fue enferma por unas dias, pero todavia pudimos hacer la obra. Fuimos bendecidas otra vez; mediante referencias, familias con personas quien no son miembros, y antiguos investigadores, el Senor nos bendijo con 7 investigadores nuevos!! Estaba pensando en como el ayuno de la mision esta presente en todos estos milagros. Estoy agradecida de ver este. Yo se que El esta “hastening” su obra aqui en nuestra mision.

Disfrute la Conferencia General mucho. Estaba meditando en el “cruz” de Jesucristo; tenemos que llevar su cruz en esta vida para cumplir con nuestros convenios y lograr la vida eterna. Este cruz representa las cargas, persecuciones, y deberes de Jesucristo. Entonces, uno de mis citas preferidas de la Conferencia es de Elder Rasband: “Take up the joyful burden of discipleship.” La carga de Cristo, su cruz, es una pesa de gozo. Cuando estamos convertidos, vamos a querer de llevar el cruz de Jesucristo, porque como la Hermana Stevens nos dijo, “the gospel is not a weight; it’s wings!” 

Gracias por todo lo que hace. Que pase una buena semana. 🙂


Hermana Sutherland


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