Got fe?

Hola familia!
This week we had a blast! We’re still really excited to see what happens this transfer. We’ve made a lot of goals and plans to help our 8 investigators progress and find even more to teach. We’re working hard to strengthen the branch and help the youth prepare for missions. There is a lot to do – we stay really busy!
We’ve had lots of miracles happen this week. One of them is that we’ve had an outpouring of referrals! We hadn’t gotten any from anyone for a while – and this week we received 7. One of them was from our zone leaders; they directed us to a house out in the middle of nowhere behind some mines to the west of Sahuarita. We tried to go out and find it on Thursday and had quite the adventure! It was literally out in the middle of nowhere. We were driving our little Toyota Corolla (we need a truck) on these dirt roads, cruising through little hills covered with cacti, and then realized that the road we needed to take looked more like a quad trail than a road. Ni modo – we decided to go for it! It wasn’t long before the “road” got really narrow and really, really rocky. It actually reminded me a little of the dirtbiking trail, Skunk, that we go ride (Dad, you can appreciate that one!). The road was starting to get really steep in places and we still weren’t seeing this road that we were looking for, and to make it better, we were approaching this mountainous hill. At this point, bushes were making the most horrible scraping sounds on our car, so we decided to turn back. There was a perfect little area just ahead of us where we turned around. We almost hit two vultures in the middle of the road on the way back, but we made it!
Missionary work is so much fun. We have little experiences like that where we just laugh our heads off and have a great time. 🙂 Don’t think for a moment that we don’t! I have also been coming to know so much more how much the Savior loves me and how perfect this gospel is. I was pondering this morning on how simple His invitation is to each one of us – to come, and partake of His infinite goodness. It’s just like the serpent that Moses lifted up on the cross to heal his people. All they had to do was look; and because of the “easiness” of the way, many perished. Now that we know what we have to do, let’s do it! I know that it is so necessary to stay spiritually nourished. We need little moments of communion with our Heavenly Father every day. As we do those little things, I know that we will have the strength we need to endure to the end. 🙂
I love you all! Thank you  for all your love and support.
Con amor,
Hermana Sutherland
 P.S. Watch this video! 🙂

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