Almost Half Way!

This week was a good one. We really struggled at the beginning to have any sort of success– no one was home and it felt like we were getting no where! We are having to start from the ground up with finding people who are interested to teach. However, towards the end of the week we had some miracles!
One member that we went to visit, Hermana Amparo, was going through a hard time and really needed us to come by the night we did. As we began to talk with her, we realized that we’d met before! I went to a swap meet in Midvale (Sahuaro Branch) with Hermana Magnusson the week before I was transferred, and there, we had stopped to talk with a woman in a clothing shop and discovered that she was a member and lived somewhere up North. I beleive that that little connection allowed her to feel more like Heavenly Father is watching over her  and cares about what she is going through right now. 🙂
As I said, we’d been having a hard time finding investigators. Well, this week, as we were going to contact a referral, we saw a woman, Elizabeth, that Hermana Field and her previous companion had taught months ago. She’d been preparing to be baptized when, de repente, she disappeared! We dropped everything and went to go talk with her. It turns out that Elizabeth’s sister, Noemi, was there with her children also. We were able to teach all of them!
Later in that day, we stopped by to visit another investigator – who wasn’t home. We decided to continue walking around the trailer park and came across a man, Edie, working on his car. We struck up a great conversation with him about life, agency, and the gospel. Since he only spole english, we assumed that other missionaries were going to need to teach him. However, after a few minutes, his wife, Vanessa, walked out of the house with their little baby! She was from Mexico and only speaks spanish. We were so happy to find this cute little family to teach! From the way our conversation with them ran, I know that they have been prepared by their loving Father in Heaven to receive the gospel at this point in their lives. 🙂
I love being a missionary and I love being able to help people see that no matter what their needs are, the gospel is what will give them peace, comfort, and direction. This world needs to know about the gospel of Jesus Christ so badly! 
Espero que tengan una buena semana! 
Con amor,
Hermana Sutherland 🙂
PS – A member gave us cute little mexican hair bows!
And this morning we went and hiked Tumomoc mountain!

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