Feliz cumpleanos!!

Buenas tardes!
I can’t believe that it’s August already!  That means that some birthdays are coming up – Happy Birthday, Mom! I hope you have a good one with the move and everything! I love you!
This week went well. We now have three investigators who want to be baptized – their names are Elizabeth, Aide, and Lupita. They are wonderful! Today I have a story to share about Lupita. 🙂 Here it is in Spanish (I’ll translate it, too):
Tuvimos un milagro con nuestra investigadora Lupita. Venimos por la segunda vez a su casa para ensenarla la Restauracion de la Iglesia. Cuando compartimos la primera vision con ella, nos dijo que tuvo un sueno parecido del suyo desde hace tres anos. Ella estaba andando por un camino estrecho y angosto y se cayo por una roca, y un hombre vestido en blanco vino para levantarla otra vez. Nos dijo que “este sueno fue mas real que eso foto (de Jose Smith en la arbolera),” entonces sabia que lo que dijimos fue verdadero. Ahora tiene deseos cambiar su horario por el trabajo para asistir a la iglesia y aprender mas a fin de que sea bautizada. Yo se que Dios esta preparando Sus hijos para recibir el mensaje de la Restauracion!
We had a miracle with our investigator Lupita. We came for the second time to her house to teach her the Restoration of the Church. When we shared the first vision with her, she told us that she had a dream just like his vision three years ago. She had been walking on a straight and narrow path and fell down (a cliff) on a rock, and a man dressed in white came to lift her up again. She told us that “this dream was more real than that picture (of Joseph Smith in the sacred grove),” so she knew that what we said was true. Now she wants to change her work schedule in order to come to church and learn more so that she will be baptized. I know that God is preparing His children to receive the message of the Restoration!
Isn’t that special? Heavenly Father really does lead and guide us in ways that we can recognize. 🙂
One more. While we were walking through a trailer park last night, we saw a man trying to flag us down, and so we walked over to talk with him. As it turns out, he was deaf and began speaking in sign language. I had learned back when I was serving in Gila Valley how to sign my name, and so I was able to communicate that and a few other missionary-related signs that I had learned only a few days earlier from some other missionaries with him. He understood what we were trying to say and was excited to have missionaries come over! It was a miracle that we were able to run into him at that time and even communicate with him – his name was Mike and had just moved in. Heavenly Father really does direct this work!
I love you all! Les quiero!
Con amor,
Hermana Sutherland 🙂
PS Read “Our Refined Heavenly Home” this week!

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