Week of miracles!!

Buenas Tardes!
Thank you for the birthday wishes, everyone! I had a great day. 🙂 I’m writing late because the library was closed yesterday for labor’s day, and as always, there’s not much time to explain all of the wonderful things that happened this week. There were so many miracles!
So, my sweet companion, la Hermana Gregory, is letting me use part of her weekly letter to help share all of our great experiences with you! Here it is. 🙂

Do you remember in my setting apart blessing when President Bradford said that I will have quick, immediate success in the mission? It is happening!! I have only been here in Tucson for, what, two weeks? Three? And we have 7 investigators with baptismal dates and many more who we are teaching and working with and finding more every day! The Lord is SO aware of us, no matter who we are or where we are. There is another thing that I feel like I need to say real quick. In my setting apart blessing, he also blessed my family with the blessings of heaven because of my service and that all of you will be blessed because of me being here. I don’t know if that has already happened, but I do know that it is TRUE. Every day something in my setting apart blessing is reaffirmed to me and happens. When Heavenly Father promises us blessings, He always follows through. It is up to us as to whether we will be obedient to receive the blessings, and as I am trying my hardest here, I know you guys will be blessed! I love you all so much!!

My companion and I have been working with a woman, Petra, who is the sweetest woman ever. She is so, SO, ready to hear the gospel and is just overjoyed each time we come over to her home (which is every day since we have a baptismal date with her). People like her are the reason I am here on my mission. Wonderful people who crave to know the truth and who are willing and wanting to receive it. I love this gospel so much and I am so grateful to be here to share it with Heavenly Father’s children here in Tucson Arizona.

The Lord is SO aware of each of us along this work of His!! This week has been another one full of milagros! I have a feeling that each week durtante este mision tiene la potential ser una semana de milagros, if we as missionaries are obedient and willing to do all He asks us to do. We have had so much success here in the El Rio Branch. The Lord has prepared los miembros de este barrio para recibir sus hijos. El campo esta lista y ya para la siega. This week mi companeria y yo have been working con una investagadora quien esta lista hacer una conviento con Dios. Her name is Petra and she has been meeting with us every day, preparing for her baptism on the 27 de Septiembre. Every time we go to her home, the Spirit is SO strong! I know I am not supposed to have ‘favorites’, but she is my favorite! Every time we go over there, she is so ready to hear what we have to teach her. She has prayed about the Book of Mormon and reads it every day and loves it so much. We have had members go with us and she is coming to see a baptism next Saturday. Personas such as her are why I decided to come on a mission, to be able to bring my brothers and sisters unto the same knowledge that I have received for myself, knowledge that has brought me more happiness and joy in this life than I could ever hope to obtain otherwise. We have also had two more baptismal dates with investigadors! Today, we had a lesson over the Restoration and both he and his wife (Rudy and Pricillia) committed to read the Book of Mormon and be baptised. This sunday we also had a family come to church with us, a single mother Rosenna and her five children, and she has a baptismal date and has agreed that we can teach her kids, of which her oldest two are above the age of 8. The Lord has been teaching me so much. We have also found two other families who are so excited to hear our message and we have return appointments to see. Cuando estamos obedient and constantamente buscar para those who are listos, the Lord will find them, I know this!”

And there it is. We are working hard to find the Lord’s elect, and, boy, has He been blessing us! We’re starting to find more people who are ready to be baptized than we can handle. Actually, just minutes before I sat down here at the computer, we taught a couple for the first time and shared the message of the Restoration. It was the third time that Hermana Gregory had shared the first vision, and it was powerful! They felt the spirit strongly and now have a true desire to read the Book of Mormon and find out for themselves that it is true. The verse in Malachi 10:3 is so true!
 “Bring ye all the tithes‍ into the storehouse, that there may be meat‍ in mine house, and prove‍ me now herewith, saith the Lord‍ of hosts, if I will not open‍ youthe windows of heaven, and pour you out a blessing, that there shall‍ not be room‍ enough to receive it.”
When we truly seek blessings from Heavenly Father by being obedient to His commandments, He pours them out on us. This earth really is being flooded with the truth of His gospel. 🙂
So, really quickly, I want to follow up with y’all! Did you pray for missionary experiences last week? If you did, what happened? If you didn’t, will you this week? I KNOW that you will find them and that they will bring so much joy to your life. Keep praying for them!
One more thing. I love training! I love seeing the purity and the righteous desires of my sweet companion and being privileged to help her start off her mission. I feel that I am learning so much from and with her; I know that Heavenly Father put us together for a reason.
I love you all! Go out and make yourselves a wonderful week!
Con amor,
Hermana Sutherland 🙂

One thought on “Week of miracles!!

  1. Hermana Sutherland…just add I knew you would, you area making the Nampa 10th ward and all who know you so proud! So many if the things that you said in that post rang true as I read through them! You are beautiful!

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