The Missionary Mantle

Buenas tardes!
This week was fantastic. We had all sorts of things happen, and the best part of all was sacrament meeting yesterday!
There were several reasons why it was so great. Recently we’ve been trying really hard to bring members with us when we go and teach investigators. We’ve gradually been having more success with that, and we got to see the fruits when they went up to bear their testimonies about the experiences they’d had with us. Sometimes, as a missionary, I’m afraid to take members out with me in case the investigator isn’t home or something doesn’t go the way we planned, because we want the members to have good experiences. However, Heavenly Father knows so much better than we do where we need to be, who we need to see, and who we need to be with. Last week, three of our members had really special experiences when they came out with us. This is what I told my mission President about it (perdon, it was in Spanish, but I beleive it came out alright in Google Translate).
This week I learned more deeply that members really do need to come with us to make visits for THEIR benefit, not only for the benefit of our investigators.Yesterday in sacrament meeting, three members gave testimonies of the experiences they had with us. They were really special to them. One received a powerful witness that Joseph Smith was the prophet that opened this dispensation when he heard Sister Gregory recite the first vision. Another felt the Spiritstrongly and later received personal revelation that she needed  to “magnify the work.” Now she wants to visit all less active members in the branch and begreat fellowshipper for our investigator, Petra. Yet another had a powerful experience in helping an investigator (formerly a Jehovah’s Witness), learn the doctrine about who  is our Heavenly Father. Visits really strengthen members!
One more miracle that I shared with him:

In addition, our investagadora, Petra, came yesterday fasting. We had a tender lesson with her the day before when we explained what it means fast. She said she wanted to fast for her son in Mexico, so that he would receive the missionaries well and with a sincere heart to learn. We did it together. Petra hassuch a strong testimony! She shares the gospel with every person who enters her house and can’t read or learn the gospel enough. The members are so loving with her too. I have so much joy in teaching this sweet daughter of God!

I am so grateful for this time that I have to wear the “missionary mantle” of the spirit. Heavenly Father truly does use us as tools in His hands in ways that we can’t imagine! I love seeing the good that comes from making the smallest effort to share the gospel. I have the chance everyday to help as many people as I can feel the spirit and have the opportunity to accept or reject all the happiness the gospel has to offer. I testify that missionaries truly are led by the spirit in everything that they do, and that yours and their efforts together reap miracles. I know that if you work side by side with them in this vineyard that you will experience the joy and wonder of helping another invidiual come to know who their Father in Heaven is, who they are, and who they are destined to become. In the process, you will come closer to Him and feel mroe powerfully the love He has for you and the others you serve.
I love you! Keep praying for missionary experiences. Now, I would challenge you to find just one hour this week in which you can accompany the missionaries. Tell them that you are available at that day and at that time, and they will find a way to use you in this great work. Those people out there need you. I know you will not regret any of the time you spend with the missionaries, and you will receive blessings yourself!
Con amor,
Hermana Sutherland

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