Stand ye in Holy Places

Buenos dias!
We got to go to the temple this week!! It was a wonderful and well-needed trip. I really enjoyed being able to visit the Gila Valley, even for just a few hours. There are so many miracles that happened and so many good people that live there! I saw Hermano Robles, the Branch mission leader for the Kimball 1st Branch, there in the temple. 🙂
Ademas que eso, the work is going well here. We have to work hard to help our investigators and members progress in their lives towards making their next convenant with the Lord, and He really does bless us and them for our efforts. This week we had the privilege of listening to Petra relate an experience she had while praying about the Book of Mormon. We had been praying sincerely that she would sincerely seek a personal testimony of the Book of Mormon, and she did! When we asked her if she had, she reverently told us that just a few days before, she had been experiencing a really stressful day and didn’t know what to do. So, while the children she and her coworker were watching were all playing in the main room and watching tv, she locked herself in her bedroom, opened up the Book of Mormon to a random page, and began to read. She said that the most peaceful, warm, comforting feeling of peace came over her. She was enthralled by what she was reading about faith and repentance – so much that she didn’t want to put the book down. She was surprised to find that it seemed to answer the questions that she’d been pondering earlier that day. So engrossed by that experience, time fled and soon the children were knocking on her door, ready to eat dinner.
In those moments, she had created a holy place where the Spirit of the Lord was able to come, sit, and teach her the things she needed to know. I know that by creating those moments of our own, we can become more converted and literally commune with our Father in Heaven. That’s how we come to know Him. I also know that the Book of Mormon is powerful! Any person who is willing to excercise their faith in seeking an answer WILL find it. Heavenly Father wants to give it to us when we are ready to receive it and act on it; meaning that we will continue to keep His commandments and make covenants with Him.
This week, pray and ponder about who you know that needs a special experience in coming to know that there is a Father in Heaven who loves them. Then pray and ponder about what you can do to help them obtain that experience.
I love you all! Thank you for all the efforts you make to be good friends and brothers and sisters and fathers and mothers, and for loving others. That’s really how you do missionary work!
“Wherefore, stand ye in holy places, and be not moved, until the day of the Lord come; for behold, it cometh quickly, saith the Lord. Amen.”
Doctrine and Covenants 87:8
Con amor,
Hermana Sutherland 🙂

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