Good afternoon!
This week in El Dorado was great! Sister Martin and I were really busy visiting members and Investigators all week long. We had a lot of really humbling experiences – a lot of miracles – and I wish I could tell them all! Good thing we’ll be talking on the phone in a few days. 🙂 Until then, here’s an experience I shared With President Passey. I hope google translate does it justice!
Tuvimos un milagro esta semana en que la Hermana Martin y yo estabamos manejando a una cita, y senti que necesitamos parar y hablar con un hombre y sus hijos. No lo escuche. Recibi la misma impresion, y lo ingore; pero vino una tercera vez y di por la vuelta el carro y nos estacione. El hombre y sus hijos entraron su casa. Pues, sentimos que debimos caminar todavia. Cuando llegamos al fin de la calle, vimos a un hombre y empezamos hablar con el. Se llama Alejandro, y no estaba feliz por la Navidad porque su padre recien se murio hace un mes. Cuando nos dijo eso, un amor y esperanza por ese hombre me llene desde la cabeza a los pies. Fue un sentimiento tan profundo. Por verdaderamente escucharle y testificar en la siguienta media hora, lo ensenamos acerca de la Restauracion y el Plan de Salvacion. El lloro y nos dijo que salio para caminar y pensar, y que le contestamos su oracion. Ahora, Alejandro tiene un deseo intenso leer el Libro de Mormon y venir a la iglesia. No tiene direccion ni telefono, entonces estamos orando bien fuerte que venga y que podamos fijar una cita en una casa de un miembro. Se que el Senor nos uso como instrumentos en Sus manos conceder y cumplir con los deseos y necesitades del corazon de ese hombre.

“We had a miracle this week; Sister Martin and I were driving to an appointment, and I felt that we should stop and talk to a man and his children. At first I didn’t listen. I got the same impression, and again I ignored it; but it came a third time and so we turned the car around and parked. The man and his children had gone home. However, we felt that we should still walk for a little while. When we reached the end of the street, we saw a man and started talking to him. His name was Alejandro, and  told us he he wasn’t happy this Christmas because his father just died a month ago. When he said that, I felt a love and hope for this man fill me from my head to my toes! It was such a powerful feeling. For the next half hour we sat and truly listened, taught, and testified of the Restoration and Plan of Salvation. Alejandro was crying and said that when we had walked up to him, it was an answer to his prayer. He said he now has an intense desire to read the Book of Mormon and go to church. Because he doesn’t have an address or phone number, we are praying that we’ll be able to come and schedule an appointment at a member’s house. I know the Lord used us as instruments in His hands in order to grant and meet the desires of this man’s heart!”
One more thing; would you believe that the only two violists in the mission have been place together in a companionship? Sister Martin plays, too! This morning, she, Elder Petrungaro, Elder Tyler, President and Sister Passey and I Performed “In a Bleak Midwinter” for a Christmas devotional. It was beautiful, and I so enjoyed making that instrument sing.
Well, I have to go! I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas! Can’t wait to hear you on Thursday! 🙂
Love, Hermana Sutherland


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