iLa primera semana del ano! iLa first week of the year!

Buenas tardes!

Another week has already flown by! It seems like Hermana Hubert, Hermana Martin, and I have been together for months already. We all just work together so naturally!
This Tuesday, our second night with Hermana Hubert, we were coming out of dinner and she tripped over a curb and sprained her ankle! It was a really bad sprain and so we had to take her to quickcare and get an X-ray. Fortunately it wasn’t broken, but she had to hobble around on crutches for a few days. She is so strong! She’s already been through so much to be on a mission and Satan was just working hard on her again, but she didn’t even let it faze her. I love this girl. 🙂
This week was great — Giovanni Fernandez was baptized and confirmed a member of the Church!
I think I shared that miracle over the phone with you all on Christmas. 🙂 Basically what happened is that while I was serving over in El Rio, Hermana Field and I shared a message with Hermana Medrano (the 21 day challenge) that motivated her to pray every day for 21 days for her daughter, Cindi. Cindi is a member of the El Dorado branch, but was less active at the time. Well, within two weeks, she returned back to church and the Lord answered Hermana Medrano’s prayer. I still remember her running up to me at church to tell me! A few months later, when the sisters here were visiting with Cindi, they invited her non-member husband, Giovanni, to join with them. He didn’t want to at all! Within another few months, something changed and he decided to listen. Cindi took him to the temple, and there he had a powerful spiritual experience that lead him to want to be baptized as soon as possible. Now, he is a confirmed member of the Church! After his baptismal service, I asked Hermana Medrano if she remembered the 21 day challenge. I will never forget the way she looked at me and began to weep as she remembered the prayers of faith she had offered months before. 🙂 Isn’t is amazing how the Lord rewards us for our faith and diligence? He never forgets our righteous desires and is anxious to answer them – and He always will, in His own time. In this experience, He did in a greater way than Hermana Medrano had even hoped for. 🙂
Ay, I have so much to tell you all still! Another miracle from this week: remember Sam (Samantha Martinez)? Well, she invited five of her friends from work to come to the baptism. Four of them came! The elders took them for a church tour afterwards, and two of them were really touched and wanted to learn more. Just a year ago, she was less active and didn’t want much to do with the Church, but now is on fire with the light of the gospel. 🙂 I just love the way the power of the atonement changes hearts and leads us to bless others!
There’s one more miracle that I want to share – and I only have time to send the one I sent to President Passey in spanish. Here it is!
Durante el blitz por la zona del sur, la Hermana Hubert y yo tuvimos un milagro en lo cual encontramos a una familia con tres hijas; una, Reina, ya era miembro, y las otras dos, Megan y Parker, no lo son. Las encontramos a causa de sus padres, quien estaban gritando afuera de la casa. Nos grito tambien venir y hablar con sus hijas. Sin embargo, nos invitaron pasar y las ensenamos mucho acerca de la restauracion y el plan de salvacion; aun hablamos poquito de la palabra de sabiduria, los templos, y la ley de castidad. Lo bueno para mi era que yo me esforze de conectar estos principios a la expiacion como hablamos en MLC. Fue poderoso!! El espiritu nos acmopano muy claramente, al grado que ellas ahora quieren asistir a la iglesia y ser bautizadas como su hermana. Verdaderamente los testimonios que compartimos de Jesucristo y de la expiacion invito al espiritu para que pudiera trabajar en sus corazones. Tuvieron un gran cambio de corazon. Ahora los elderes de ingles las estan ensenando, y siento que van a progresar hacia el bautismo!
During the time in the south area, Hermana Hubert and I had a miracle when we found a family with three daughters; one, Reina, who is a member, and the other two, Megan and Parker, are not. We found them because of their parents, who were shouting outside the house. We ask to talk to their daughters and were invited to spend time and teach much about the restoration and the plan of salvation. We even talked a little of the words of wisdom, temples, and the law of chastity. The good thing for me was that I was able to connect these principles to the atonement. It was powerful!! The spirit was felt very strongly, to the extent that they now want to go to church and be baptized as his sister. Truly, we shared our testimonies of Jesus Christ, and the Atonement invited the spirit to work in their hearts. They had a great change of heart. Now the Elders of English are teaching them, and we feel that will progress toward baptism!
I love you all! Have an amazing semana!! 🙂
Con amor,
Hermana Sutherland 🙂


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