A week full of finding… families!!!

Buenas tardes!

As you can see from the title, this week was a great one! We were blessed to find four new families to teach. 🙂 We had been praying hard for opportunities to find families who speak spanish and who will be able to build up the branch by serving in leadership positions after they are baptized. It was amazing to see how quickly Heavenly Father answered our prayers!
Diana Cruz was also baptized this week!!! I got to go back to El Rio to see it. 🙂 It was so special! Her aunt, Rosario, who we’d been teaching as well wants to get baptized. She’s returning to Mexico City next week, and there she’s going to find the chapel and her ward and announce that she wants to be baptized. 🙂 That’s going to be a great surprise for those missionaries and that ward!! She and Diana are already making plans to receive their endowments in the temple in Mexico City in a year together. Diana’s mom also wants to be baptized, and Karina, her sister who is a member here in El Rio, really wants to help her husband come back to church so they can go to the temple, too. How amazing is all of that? 🙂
By the way, Dad, this week we were knocking doors across from a member’s home and ran into a girl named Julia. She’s Filipino!!! We taught her the restoration and it was really powerful. Other english missionaries are going to continue teaching her now, but one of the reasons why were able to make it in the door is because I was able to connect with her because you’d served there. 🙂 I was reminded of that really good food that that woman at work would always make us and all the jeepneys and things!
Ok, one other really special experience. 🙂 This week, Hermana Hubert and I were driving down the road and she felt that we needed to pull over and talk with this muchacho (teen age boy). 🙂 We did, and we ended up having to awkwardly chase/stalk him down the road! We awkwardly yelled out to him and he stopped. His name is Alex. We continued to talk with him about the Book of Mormon and the plan of Salvation for a few minutes; and after we bore our testimonies of the atonement and the restoration, he told us, “that’s really interesting… I think I’m kind of interested now!” So we set up a time to go back, and we did last night. We brought Hermano Medina with us. When we arrived, Evelia, Alex’s mom, didn’t want to let us in but we convinced her to for five minutes. 🙂 We ended up having the most powerful lesson with Hermano Medina’s help! I just want to let you all know the power you have as member missionaries. The first few minutes we were there, it was really awkward with just us two blondies talking, but the minute Hermano Medina opened his mouth to share his conversion story, the atmosphere changed and a powerful spirit entered the room. Their hearts were softened, and Hermana Hubert and I both recieved the impression that this family would be baptized.
We’re excited to see what continues to happen here in golden El Dorado! I’m loving life, loving the sun and the Son, 🙂 and doing my best to use this time to the fullest. I love you all so much! Thank you for all the love and care and support you give me!
Con carino,
Hermana Sutherland 🙂

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